Thursday, February 4, 2016

Album Review: "Pterodactyl Sky" by SpaceCream

Pterodactyl Sky
I often talk about things that have shaped my life in some way.

When listening to Pterodactyl Sky for the first, second, and now third times, I'm taken back to a time in my life that I don't think about too much.

When I was 19, I had a girlfriend who was a Rocky Horror Picture show nerd. So, our first "date" was my virgin appearance at the show.

Yup, I was auctioned.

It turned out that many of my friends at that time were big fans of the show, and a few even acted in the cast at the old Avalon Theater on Kingshighway in South St. Louis. When I pass that, now, decrepit building, I cry a little on the inside.

Even though I was convinced to act in the cast once, Rocky never left a huge impression on me. Sure I enjoy it, and try to take it in when I can, but I'd never be one of those people who check it out weekly.

SpaceCream have a strong 70's vibe.

The guitars are overdriven and dirty. The drums aren't overly fancy and add just the right amount of touch.

There are even some tasty bass licks, which is far too rare a thing in this day and age.

Quality musicians are a dime a dozen, let's be honest, so what sets them apart?

Vocalist and songwriter Savannah Pope has a voice the size of Texas.

I'd imagine she could clear a savanna in Africa with just the power of her voice. It's amazingly versatile.

In bands with a strong female vocalist backed up by all male musicians, it's not uncommon for them to be in the background and forgotten, as though they were playing behind Mariah Carey or Katy Perry.

That is not the case here. This Rocky Horror meets Pat Benatar band is allowed to fully express themselves as much as Pope is. The guitar solos whipped up by co-writer Paul Boutin are beautifully moving.

The rhythm section builds the basement and the full band synergy gives me goosebumps when they go from faster movements into slower ones. The recording is top notch and the production is excellent.

My only complaint is that there are a couple passages where the vocals and lyrics are a bit too derivative of Rocky Horror picture show. I woke up singing Frank's "Satanic mechanic" lines the next morning after listening to it, but that's a minor complaint for a band on their debut.

Release; 2/5/16 (iTunes etc)
Genre: Space Rock
Label: DIY
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