Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Album Review: "Apokalypse" by Diabolizer

Encyclopedia Metallum recently published a map which shows the number of metal bands per million people in Europe.  Predictably Finland (630), Sweden (428), Iceland (341) and Norway (299) dominate the metal world.  

Turkey lags far, far behind with its paltry six metal bands per million Turks. Yet, what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. 

 "Apokalypse" by Turkish blackened death metal band Diabolizer, contains enough satanic brutality to bridge the per capita satanic brutality gap. 

Although the band identifies as death metal, and certainly the deep throated growls and segments of melodic riffing support this, there is such an abundance of blast beats and tremolo picking an equal argument for considering them black metal could be made.  If the deciding genre vote falls to lyrical content, then titles such as "Condemned to Burn in Hell" and "Temple of Demonic Torments" gears them more towards black metal.  

I have never understood the historical rivalry between the death metal and black metal camps and believe this album, which is the perfect marriage of the best elements of both, can finally unite these kingdoms in a cooperative reign.

"Apocalypse" is thirty two minutes of unbridled ferocity with nary a moment to catch your breath.  Every song is at a breakneck tempo, full of demonic screams and buzzsaw guitar riffs, which is exactly how I imagine the apocalypse will sound.  

The band is tight, the production crisp and every one of the 64 billion notes in the precise place, as the listener is gloriously bludgeoned with a version of the end times where the bad guys win.

If this album is indicative of the potential of Turkish metal, then I hope the next metal census (the only census which matters) shows Turkey approaching Scandinavian propensity.

Release: July 8, 2016
Blackened Death Metal
Third Eye Temple

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