Monday, May 16, 2016

Album Review: "Libras" by Saqqara Mastabas

Do you think that the age of the MP3 has destroyed album cover art?

A close friend of mine asked me this question a number of years ago and the only answer was yes. This may be wrong, because it's not like cassette tapes did much to help out the covers.

There are times when CD covers were pretty cool and many times when the artwork didn't quite work because the images were just a bit too large.

With the re-advent of vinyl, it seem as though some classic artwork is finally being invented again. Take the cover of Libras by Sappara Mastabas.

Here we have a beautiful water color of a circle of children engaging in a Judeo-Christian inspired religious ceremony....where they are conjuring a beautifully rendered Prince of Darkness in full horned and hoofed form.


Saqqara Mastabas
Here we have disembodied heads at a Greek temple.

I'm confused.

What's not obvious until this thing gets going is that it's not metal. One would think having a delightful picture of Beelzebub with children would be pretty evil, but it's not that.

Nor is it brutal.

After hearing it, I'm even more confused than I was when we started this.

Let's talk about what we KNOW about Libras.

This album is instrumental, electronic, funky, and so far left of center, it's shouldering me on the right side of my body and...well...Please wait a moment.

 Let me check the press release real quick...

Ok, honestly, that was not helpful and there is nothing more definite that can be said about this deliriously rocking album featuring stringed instruments and computers.

It will take you to a Psychedelic Circus after the ringmaster's received his six month chip. Styx, The March of the Groundhogs, and Phoebus Apollo will all swim through your brain.

There is either too much here to take in, or not enough to explain.... You decide.

Release: 6/3/16
Genre: ???
Label: Joyful Noise

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  1. How is this a review? Thanks for coming out, though.