Thursday, May 26, 2016

Album Review: "Black Swan Annihilation" by Monsterworks

Black Swan Annihilation
Not too long ago, perhaps no more than four or five days, Monsterworks popped into my head.

These fellas are an interesting band that never really stops working, but it's been awhile since we've heard anything from them.

Their modus operandi is to release two albums of protein smoothie metal each year without fail, but after last year's The Existential Codex no one has heard anything from our Londoner friends.

Blessed be this day however!

The unthinkable has not happened. Monsterworks is still a band and they don't appear to have lost their progressive metal touch, but before anyone gets too excited, this one is a bit different.

Just kidding.

Totally get excited!

Much like last year's release, Black Swan Annihilation is to be released for free on Bandcamp and the CD release will have bonus tracks and epic mixes.

As for the tunes themselves, the articulate guitars, stunning solos, and angry vocals are here.

The guitars are like a pastoral farm in the country village of Sandford.

Paths, creeks, and wide open expanses co-mingle with thick dense forests of crunch and gain. Monsterworks has lost none of their ability to intertwine so many different varieties of music in a compelling way.

How is it different, as was alluded to earlier?

In the past, these progressive gents reminded this author of Metallica during the Master of Puppets or ... And Justice For All eras, but instead they seem to have taken more of a Floydian bent, which makes sense.

As we age Pink Floyd just gets better right?

The music is just as heavy, brutal, and amazing as it ever was, but there's now a greater feeling of cohesion to the songs that didn't seem to exist as strongly before. Listen to Wish You Were Here a couple of times before spinning Black Swan Annihilation and you'll find out.

Release: 6/24/16
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Eat Lead & Die

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