Friday, May 6, 2016

Album Review: "Manifestation of Inner Darkness" by Coffin Lust

Manifestation of Inner Darkness
There was a tragedy recently.

Well certainly there was. There are tragedies everyday in every corner of the world and many times they are broadcast live on TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and anything else in this world that can be monetized.

Well, after reading what was going on, it felt like someone sucked the life out of me. How could I even finish out what I was obligated to do that day after this.

As I sat in Cunningham's Corner thinking up a question for John Mozaliak and Bill DeWitt III, my psyche was sinking into despair. Though my question was asked and it was a non-baseball question. DeWitt's answer was spectacular btw.

My tears burned in my ducts. My stomach swam. The smiling, awestruck face I wore simply belied the sadness that was striving to overwhelm me. It was simply not time to mourn.

Coffin Lust
Well, now that we're all a bit drippy in the eyes, let's move on with the business of the day.

Death Metal from Victoria, Australia.

Coffin Lust features a very strong old school bent. The unrelenting alternate picked riffs see to that. Unlike most users of this technique, they are able to create quite a range of rhythms and melodies.

The drummer is where things become a bit strange. In conventional Old School Death Metal, the drummer will wail on the snare drum like Paul Revere sounding the alarm, but we don't have that here.

The bass drums feature full on blast beats, as to be expected, but the snare drum is slower and that gives these songs an off kilter feel to them.

Guitar solos are few on Manifestation of Inner Darkness, and that's a bit unfortunate. They have definitely heard the phrase, always leave them wanting more, because I always did.

Their music is enveloping and capable of swallowing all of the sadness surrounding the listener. That is the greatest success of Coffin Lust's debut album. I

It is all all encompassing to the point where it pervades the listener's mind.

That should be the goal of everyone who ever writes a song. Manifestation of Inner Darkness was able to transport me out of the place of Inner Darkness my mind has been inhabiting since I heard the  news.

Thank you, Coffin Lust for the respite you have afforded me.

Release: 5/14/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hells Headbangers

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