Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Album Review: "Talking Loud" by Sulfur City

Talking Loud
This blog is a monument to all the great music being released in the modern era and a memorial to all the amazing music that we just don't have the time to review.

My personal journey back into the world of modern music took place in 2008. Until that point, old music was the only thing that played in my car, house, etc.

At the Schlafly Tap Room, there was a Camel Cigarettes show that featured somebody, The Black Diamond Heavies, and Exene Cervanka & The Original Sinners.

You may recall my many posts on James Leg...

A few fairly important things happened that night, though it hadn't occurred to your friend and humble narrator yet. My mind was now open to new music. The Blues bug had bitten me.

And Alive-Natural Sound is a thing.

Sulfur City
It's probably true that every reviewer has some things that they jump to the front of the line.

Alive-Natural Sound is one of mine.

Sulfur City fits right into that mold they have. Bluesy, rocking, and a bit funky.

In fact Sulfur City is an apt  name, because as Buddy Guy puts it, their songs get so funky you can smell it.

Are the amps ripped or is that just the sound of the gods 90% of all guitarists are looking for?

The Hammond Organ? Oh, lordy lordy, this organ gives me the chills. That sound, that Leslie speaker sound just is beautiful. It's such a powerful and dated sound. That's the kind of tone Deep Purple used to such great effect and Rory Gallagher on his amazing Irish Tour '74 record.

Sulfur City isn't going to amaze with their technical abilities. Their strengths lay in their ability to take straightforward blues/rock and make it funky, rocking, and rump shaking.

Because unfortunately, it still matters in 2016, Sulfur City is the first female fronted band in the history of Alive-Natural Sound. Fans of Janis, Grace Slick, and yes Exene Cervanka will find lots to love in the gritty vocals of Lori Paradis.

Release: 5/27/16
Genre: Blues Rock
Label: Alive-Natural Sound
First Run Vinyl

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