Monday, May 2, 2016

Album Review: "Fiber" by Dead Register

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me something about record labels that never occurred to me.

Record Labels are basically banks. They finance your album and then you pay them back with interest. If your album's a hit, they make money.

If it's a dud, they kick you to the curb. Now, of course that's a pretty broad brush to paint with and I'm certain my favorite labels, you know who you are, aren't like that at all.

Consider 2016 and what Spose said about dealing with a major label was like. The scene at the end of That Thing You Do where Tom Hanks's Mr. White tells Jimmy just the record industry is all about is also a pretty powerful moment.

In 2016 though, a record label isn't needed like it once was.There have been a great many bands to have become successful being their own label. What makes it great is that when an artist is in control of their art, it's pure, in theory.

Dead Register
Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Dead Register is releasing their debut album on their own damned record label, AVR Records.

What they've created, to me, is akin to a pure bred cat.

We all know that pure bred cats are haughty, beautiful, and above all else, really expensive.

Lesser known though, is that cat breeds are essentially man made through selective breeding. Himalayans, and I love my Himmy to death, are the result of interbreeding Persians and Siamese. (Mine has double the haughty due to this I believe.)

This is kind of what Dead Register is. Genre bending is nothing new, in fact is as old as the record if not older, but few bands can achieve what The Jimi Hendrix Experience did, a band that's genre bent into a pretzel without remotely sounding like it.

It never feels like this is the goth part or get back to the shoegaze bit or don't forget we need to add several chord changes to keep being progressive. These songs just are.

They're progressive rock, metal, and goth emo all crammed into this sausage they call Dead Register. The vocals feel if not sneered, damned close. Long flowing songs complete with ringing guitar riffs, walking basslines, and powerful, though quiet, drums, takes the listener on a trek through their pain.

Release: 5/6/16
Genre: Goth Metal
Label: AVR Records

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