Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Album Review: "Panacea" by Sektemtum

One of my Christmas presents was the first two novels in the Cormoran Series by JK Rowling under an assumed name.

Much like the Harry Potter novels, one can never see what's coming down the line the first time through, no matter how obvious it seems on the second read.

There have been some amazing movies like that as well. Abre Los Ojos by celebrated Spanish director Pedro Almodovar comes to mind.

It would seem though, this kind of storytelling doesn't always work. How many my fine readers love The Big Lebowski? After sitting through that eight hour opus, it's got some some great lines, but it's not a great story. It's too unfocused. That's the trap many varied artists fall into when they create an album that's all over the place...amazing songs, but an unfocused album.

Sektemtum has been AWOL for the past five years, or MIA, whichever military acronym strikes your fancy.

In that time, they have written nearly a double album and broken in a new singer.

Well...here are the results. (NOTE: This writer has no knowledge of this band before the now.)

Panacea has multiple personality disorder. There is no other way of saying this.

The gulf between the songs is so vast, I don't know what genre of music they are. The album starts off with some truly great death metal. It has the reverbed growls and screeches which add a new level of horror and then after a few songs, it starts to veer off into other territories.

I'm pretty sure I heard a hip hop section that was played as death metal. This was an instrumental section, so there was no rapping involved.

There are also times when Sektemtum goes straight into heavy arena rock and then back again. This creates an album that's fun to listen to because they excel at all of these styles.

Release: 6/1/16
Genre: Music
Label: Osmose Productions

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