Friday, March 9, 2018

DLP Review: "The Incubus of Karma" by Mournful Congregation

The Incubus of Karma
Over the past few months, there's been a serious pain in my neck and shoulder.

This makes driving painful, walking with my family painful and it's been generally a pain in my neck for far too long.

In an attempt to alleviate this pain but while still continuing to cower away from doctors and their pills, it was suggested to me that massage therapy might be just thing to do the trick.

Let's start off with saying, it was an extremely painful experience. My therapist has amazingly strong fingers that were able to probe into the most sensitive areas in the upper regions and she really hurt me.

Before my second appointment, an idea occurred, instead of the foresty sounds of nature and squirrels chirping....why didn't we use something that would actually relax me?

Mournful Congregation
Like Pink Floyd.

It's amazing how simple accommodations can be made if I just open up my yapper.

What made that session far more tolerable and pleasant was Pink Floyd.

The album she chose was wide and expansive. There were several movements of music that allowed me to lose myself in them.

That's what helps me to relax. There are few things better in this world than being able to lose myself in music.

That's what really drew me into this double album by Mournful Congregation. It's funeral doom metal. After reviewing a fair few, I can see the distinction and we'll be using it.

There's just so much more to this than something so bland as a subgenre name. These musically savvy Aussies were able to take a Floydian approach to song writing, which is probably why they filled up two whole albums of music, and create world after world which will cause you to lose yourself.

Even though it's heavy, it's meditative and reflective. There will never be enough words to describe to you where The Incubus of Karma took me, and it won't matter anyway. This album will take you somewhere wholly different than it took me.

And that's precisely why I need this on wax as soon as I can get my dirty fingers on it. I want them to help me explore new worlds again and again.

Release: 3/23/18
Genre: Funeral Doom Metal
Label: Osmose Productions

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