Friday, March 16, 2018

LP Review: "Scale and Probability" by Monsterworks

Scale and Probability
When you're a younger person, four and five band concerts are amazing, but not as amazing as the festival.

In my salad days, I must have seen about fifteen touring festivals in all, Lollapalooza, Ozzfest, all of them when they came through town.

Those shows give you some great value for your money, at least they did back when tickets were $30...and then there's all these different bands with different sounds and their own unique perspectives.

There are still all sorts of these touring festivals, radio station festivals and the like.

Right now, Slayer is doing their final victory lap with Testament, Lamb of God, Anthrax, and Napalm Death. Now how is that for a lineup with different views and the like?

That show, at least here in St. Louis, is really affordable. 

Think about that line up...there's two members of the Big Four of Thrash Metal, Testament (who's arguably #5 or #4 if you really want to start a fight), Napalm Death, the stalwart Grindcore pioneers, and Lamb of God...leaders of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

That's such an amazing lineup of music and variety...but here's the issue, man. 

I'm old. I hurt. My massage left me sore for days.

I've seen most of those bands already, do I want to stand out in the hot sun checking this out?

What if I could get all of that variety and support modern metal instead of all of those old bands who've gotten so much of my money already?


There's this progressive metal band from, well the other side of the world, after the moving around and stuff, I'm not sure where they're technically from anymore, called Monsterworks. Longtime readers have read a bit...

But not you new reader! 

Monsterworks is a band that's pummeling the world with new material. For some reason, they just can't stop recording albums, double albums, and presumably there's some triple LPs on the horizon.

Unlike many other metal bands who've dug into an established sub-genre, Monsterworks just makes the music that makes sense to them, so listening to them for forty five're going to get the kind of variety that Slayer Carnival is pushing right now.

Release: 5/4/18
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Eat Lead and Die Reocrds

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