Friday, March 23, 2018

LP Review: "Devouring Mortality" by Skeletal Remains

Devouring Mortality
Congratulations, my new friend!

Or should we say good morning, Star Shine?

Right now, you as a human being are taking steps you never thought you could do. Right now, you're reading a website dedicated to new music.

The biggest hope is that reading this inspires you to purchase some new music. It's amazing how much great stuff there is in 2018.

This is what I'd say to every new reader of Glacially Musical. My hope of hopes is that here, you'll be directed to music that scratches that itch you didn't even know you had. Sometimes that idea is so easily explained and sometimes it's hard to really tell you why this album is more bad ass than Toshiro Mifune kicking Clint Eastwood in the junk.

Skeletal Remains
First let's have a look at this trio of gents from California.

How in the world can a death metal band only be a trio and sound this good?

Well, wonders will never cease.

They used to be called something else that I couldn't pronounce, but now they've got a pretty sweet name.

They're influenced by all of my favorite death metal bands from the salad days of the genre.

But what it is it about them that just fucking rocks? Frankly, I don't know. There are some really awesome solos here, the kind that just sweep you off your feet like a pie in Loony Toons.

The mastering and mixing of this record may have something to do with it. You know that thundering snare drum sound that covers up the guitars? That's not here. So the full thickness of those riffs (and the bass guitar riffs) are on full display.

With the bass guitar being, well, audible, the songs have a groove to them that is lacking far too often. You might be brutal, but you're still playing music, dudes.

I could post another 2,000 words trying and failing to tell you why Devouring Mortality is the best American Death Metal record you're going to hear in 2018, but I think I'll just preorder it instead.

Release: 4/13/18
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Records

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