Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vinyloscopy with The Bad Larry's

The Bad Larry's are from a mystical, magical city called Philadelphia.

In the before time, a working class hero defeated his overlord and freed the whole world. Later on in life, that same working class hero began working with the son of the overlord.

It's a very, very strange situation and we're not going to dwell upon that, but let's not forget The Bad Larry's cannot escape the overthrowing of this dictator.

A statue celebrating the victorious and bloody coup stands on the steps of the museum where Rocky trained.

While they're not immersed in cheesy steaks, getting coffee at Wawa, or riding the trains, The Bad Larry's make music, and when they don't do that, they also LISTEN TO MUSIC ON VINYL.

1. Listening to Black Sabbath's eponymous debut the night I got it blew me away. What's the album that sounds the best on vinyl compared to digital sources?

I feel like it’s every album! The first record I ever bought happened to be just after hearing it played in its entirety for the first time through a big stereo while feeling especially vibey and out of my head with some friends. “Axis: Bold as Love” reeled me in. The second “Spanish Castle Magic” came on I knew I needed to start listening to more records and recreating that sensation.

2. I was laying in bed one night and couldn't sleep and I figured, it was time to start buying records. How did you come to the idea that it was time to start buying vinyl instead?

I went to school for audio recording and it’s a school of thought that has always been hammered into me. That experience of listening to the Jimi record loud as hell further solidified that listening to digital music doesn’t compare.

3.For my old stuff, it's vinyl worth, for new stuff, it's all vinyl if available. Do you buy everything on wax or do you have a vinyl worthy category?

I haven’t bought too many records over the past few years. I scooped up a decent amount after getting into it but it’s really about how badly I want to have the experience of ripping it open to play it for the first time.

4. My second living room is where I keep it all. Upstairs, my late 90's receiver, vinyl pream, with a 70's turntable and 70's 5 way speakers. Tell us all about your vinyl set up.

It’s a rinky-dink set up until I get all moved in to my new spot in Philly with my lady. I’ve just got a bookshelf with ~250-300 records just waiting to be played properly.

5. Do you read the lyrics and go over the inserts when you're spinning?

Usually on the first couple of spins, but lately they’ve just been spinning while I’m cleaning/organizing/passing the fuck out.

6. When someone says, I'm stupid for buying records, I tell them, thanks, more limited edition colored vinyl for me, what's your answer?

I think I’m blessed to not have any friends who feel that way haha. I have a good friend who I’ve given a hard time for buying up so many records but that’s because he won’t have money to grab a beer or hang!

7. My first album ever was Live Evil by Black Sabbath, so I'm stuck on live albums. What's the best live album on vinyl?

Led Zeppelin’s “How The West Was Won.” That’s Jimmy’s best live tone to date.

8. Do you vape while you spin vinyl?

Only in my Fedora and in cut-off JNCO’s..

9. What do you think heavyweight vinyl adds over standard weight?


10. Just geek out over records......and go.

Yikes, I’m sure I have plenty of friends who are even crazier about collecting these and deserve to be given this opportunity more than I do! Tape hiss, crackle, the round, warm bass and treble that are so musical and pleasant to the ears is what it’s all about. It’s about being able to crank up the volume and it only sounding better. The ability to close your eyes and feel like you’re in the room with the band and perceiving that depth and their dynamics transparently. Fuck yeah, vinyl. -Jaret

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