Wednesday, March 7, 2018

LP Review: Charnel Ground's Self Titled Debut

Charnel Ground
And now for something completely different.

Here's the description of the band's name in the press release I got's the listen to this band email, if you will....

"CHARNEL GROUND: an above-ground site for the putrefaction of bodies, generally human, where formerly living tissue is left to decompose uncovered."

Oh yeah... so far this reeks of putrefaction right?

I like where this is going. Right now, your friend and humble narrator is prepared to have his face melted clean off. This is going to be the kind of metal that'll blow your head clean off to the end of the auditorium.

It's going to be so blasphemous, you're going to have to ask for forgiveness  just because you now know the name of this filthy band from the Northeastern USA...

Wait. What?

The first track is a shorty and it flows into the second, longer track.

As the song whimsically entitled Jimmy comes out of the speakers. We await the utterly horrifying vocals.

As this introductory interval is heading towards its logical conclusion, my brain is repeating the phrase I hope the vocals don't suck.

I hope the vocals don't suck because there's been about 16 score of albums that've missed the cut here at Glacially Musical due to them.

As we're several minutes into the second track, and no one's said's time to read more about the band in that email I told you about earlier. It turns out they're an instrumental band.

Perfect...there won't be any terrible vocals to ruin this...this death metal? No, this doom metal? No. Crusted Fuzz Metal? Maybe...

But...but.... Playa De Ticia starts and changes everything...they're definitely an instrumental band, as we're still lacking any and all vocals, but we're going to have to put an emphasis on the MENTAL.

Because these guys are mental. 

Though labels were bandied about, Charnal Ground basically chooses to defy description and classification. Their collection of soundscapes is likely to haunt me for years to come.

Release: 4/6/18
Genre: ???
Label: 12XU

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