Friday, January 11, 2019

Beer Thirty with Anthems In Ashes's Micheil Grey

Anthems In Ashes
Anthems In Ashes resides in the world class city of Toronto, Ontario in the Fabled Canadas.

Their debut EP, Burn It Down, was produced by a Juno Award winner: Siegfreid Meier. Neither Meier nor the Junos are household names here in The States, so to give you an idea, it's not that different from Eddie Kramer producing an Indie Band's debut.

You can purchase Burn It Down HERE

If you're interested in seeing them in action, their first video is movin' and groovin' on YOUTUBE. In the mean time though, we're talking about the wide and glorious world of beers.

Micheil Grey was kind enough to talk about their favorites.

Check it out!

1. My personal favorite beer style is the might Double India Pale Ale. The best DIPA in the world is STLIPA by Urban Chestnut. Tell me about your favorite style.

I like many beers but my favourite would be Amber Ales or Amber Lagers. They have lots of flavour and there can be lots of interesting subtle variety within this style.

2. Many international people have laughed at me for this, but American Beer is the best in the world. Not American Lagers that piss water is best used for drinking 15 of them while you're at the karaoke bar, but American Craft Beer. Which nation is pumping out the best beer?

Well being from Canada, I would have to say us. (ed note: shots fired)

The whole country has tons of great craft beer but Ontario and Toronto are killing it right now. 

3. Even though I'm a giant beer snob, I'll drink beers that break the Bavarian Purity Laws. My personal favorite is Schalfly's Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. It's a might 22oz of 10% ABV Stout aged in bourbon barrels. It'll warm your heart and soul. 

What beers do you love that break Reinheitsgebot?

Innis and Gunn from Scotland ages in Bourbon barrels and it’s a pretty good beer!

 4. Right now, you couldn't pin me down and get me to give my favorite St. Louis Brewery, though Urban Chestnut's STLIPA does put them in the lead...but if you put a gun to my head,it's Schlafly Brewing. What do you think of your local brewers?

Ontario has lots of great breweries, but Mill Street in Toronto and Northwinds in Collingwood are two of my favourites right now.

 5. Hops or Malt? Personally, I feel like a jerk for asking the question. Give me a malty Scottish/Scotch Ale or a hoppy DIPA...and I'm happy...but you gotta pick one.

I do love hops but I will have to go with a good malty beer over a bitter hoppy beer any day of the week.

6. Whenever I'm road tripping. I'm always bringing back beers. Ohio, Great Lakes Brewing. East Coast, Yuengling. Western New  York. Genessee. What do you bring home? 

 Whenever I visit Collingwood I stock up on Northwinds beer and recently I got some excellent beer from Three Ranges Brewery in Valemount, BC which happens to be my home town.

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