Thursday, January 10, 2019

Hometown Tales with Lords of the Trident

Lords of the Trident
Lords of the Trident refuse to be done with us!

It's getting closer and closer to the inevitable showdown between Glacially Musical and Lords of the Trident.

There's lots to love in their most recent record, Shadows of the Past. Lots to love that is if you're into large, epic power metal that'll crush your soul.

Find them!

1. St. Louis City is my hometown. I've lived here for most of my life in and around the city. Where are you from?

While I’m a wanderer, mostly, I feel like I can call Madison, Wisconsin my current “hometown”. I’ve lived here for quite a few years now.

2. We have three things that don't really exist anywhere else: the slinger, the gooey butter cake, and toasted ravioli. Tell me about your hometown delicacy.

Cheese curds, great beer, and fried eggs on hamburgers! It’s quite difficult to stay fit living in Wisconsin, due to the crazy amounts of cheese and beer everywhere.

3. In St. Louis, though there have been others. Our biggest hometown team is the St. Louis Cardinals (formerly the St. Louis Perfectos, nee: the St. Louis Browns, not the AL team that moved to Baltimore.) There is nowhere you can go to escape it. I'm a hockey fan, not a baseball fan, so it's a bit weird to me. Tell me about your hometown's big team.

I suppose the Badgers and the Packers are our “hometown” teams. More so the Badgers, since they’re from Madison. That being said, I don’t watch a lot of football, so I don’t really feel qualified to talk about sports!

4. St. Louis isn't really known for any one type of music scene. The biggest acts I can think of to get out of here alive were Gravity Kills, Nelly and the St. Lunatics, and Sheryl Crow. There's always been a vibrant concert scene though. What about where you are?

Since Madison is a college town, there’s always a large influx of whatever flavor of music is popular nowadays. 

We’ve seen a lot of jam and indie bands become popular, but very few that I can remember with any staying power. People’s tastes are flighty when you are pigeonholed into a “popular” genre.

5. 20 years ago, St. Louis had about 300 murders each year, floods, and all sorts of other fun things. You might have heard about us being named the Murder Capital of the USA. Nowadays, a lot here is 150. But there are lots of parts of the city that are returning to former glory. On the whole, St. Louis is a better place to live today than before. Is there anything like that where you're from?

Not really! Other than the influx of college kids that descend on the city yearly, there’s not really much in terms of natural or man-made disasters that plague the area. 

The closest thing I can think of is our harsh winters, but those of strong barbarian blood don’t find it too much of a problem.

6. Are you still there?

Yup, still living in Madison!

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