Thursday, October 27, 2016

Album Review: "In The Trees" by Hoots and Hellmouth

You may have noticed a distinct difference in the kinds of albums I've been reviewing and many of the others here at Glacially Musical.

Some of them are as different as the daily October weather in St. Louis. 85 and sweltering one day, 55 and overcast just a couple days later.

We thrive on contrast though, right?

Hoots and Hellmouth is a band from Pennsylvania that encompasses a huge variety of styles themselves and their newest album, In The Trees, showcases their diverse sound.

You are all in luck because it drops tomorrow!

You'll hear moody, rock organ tracks like the opener, Golden Coast, subtly driven by a staccato snare that blossoms into bright, electric piano sound.

In The Trees definitely has an '80's band feel to it but it's impossible to pin it down into one genre.

In Effigy has an almost psychedelic, Pink Floyd flavor to it.

Its sleepy, rolling and bluesy carries you right into the soulful reverb guitar of Only Animal.

This track creates a very visceral, outdoorsy feel to the rest of the album. Hoots and Hellmouth aptly named their 4th offering.

Close your eyes and you can practically see the leaves falling, drifting down from the high forest canopy as you melt into a sort of jam-band reverie.

The fuzzy guitar on Golden Compass Rose closes out a very comfortable, close-feeling playlist that leaves you wanting to toss another log on the campfire. Truly an enjoyable experience from start to finish, the band is currently supporting In The Trees, out tomorrow, with an East-Coast tour.

Release: Friday, October 28, 2016
Genre: Americana
Label: self released
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