Friday, October 14, 2016

DLP Review: "Weltenasche" by Karg

October is the best month of the year if we're not counting the months of November through February. December is, naturally, the best month having New Year's, Christmas (Yule, Saturnalia, etc), Hannukah, My Birthday, My Anniversary, and of course, the Winter Solstice.

But, getting back to October.

Not only is the veil between the living and spirit worlds thin, but the veil between myself and black metal grows very thin as well. Normally, this guy is no fan of Black Metal.

But October brings something out in me. Perhaps that this is the time of year when record labels start putting out the creepy music is what draws me in. It's more than that. When the world starts growing cold, we all change.

J.J. of Karg
My consumption of tea goes up. My PJ shorts become pants. I sleep under the duvet cover instead of on top of it.

Really it's the most wonderful time of the year for me.

During this most lovely of all non-winter months, my willingness to try new things grows by leaps and bounds. Because who knows?

Karg is something that is a bit different. For lack of a better term this is a double album, but it's more like the length of a three sided album.

It starts off very long form.

The songs can feel monotonous, but that's where the genius is. It's like driving in rush hour. Gas, brake, stomp.

Gas, brake, stomp.

Gas, brake, stomp.

Then slam on the brakes because we got lost into our minds and didn't notice that stupid Isuzu pickup stopped short.

These take sharp turns. When the listener nods off, Karg reminds them that we are in fact doing something here.

Most of the record is sung in painful, black metal stylings. The big difference is Karg screams mournfully rather than agrily. Chunky, staccato riffs compete with beautiful arpeggios on both guitar and piano for the listener's heart while feedback fills the soul.

If there's ever a time to enjoy black metal, it's during the Halloween season, but Karg should hold our interest well into winter and perhaps even spring....

Release: 11/14/16
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Art of Propaganda

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  1. Totally agree about October, though I'm not a big Halloween fan, and my birthday is in January so... nice review, you make black metal look good ;)