Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LP Review: "Hunted" by Khemmis

It happened all of a sudden on a trip to the University City Loop with my daughter. There was no reason to go there, but after we got off the train and started walking, naturally she had to pee this was after we'd casually walked into The Wizard's Wagon.

Well, there's a large gaming surface, so I figured, I'll buy her a book and they'll let her pee.

No dice.

Where all those teenaged boys go after they fill up on Mountain Dew, I never did find out.But we still bought the book.

My daughter never stopped reading that My Little Pony comic. So, I realized we needed to go buy her another one. So, after picking her up from school. We stopped by AM Trading on Utah in Tower Grove South, and well, I walked out with a book too.

Then before I knew it, we had purchased about ten books in just over three weeks.

My childhood love of comics has returned.

Listening to Khemmis is a lot like reading a comic book for the first time or being the friend of a superhero.

Sure Clark Kent is a great reporter, but did you see him heat up the water to cook ramen the other day? He did it so fast!

Khemmis ticks off all the required traits of being a doom metal band, but then, there are surprises. Kind of like how Bruce Wayne can always seem to find the person wearing mismatched socks. When the arpeggio breaks get a touch old hat, then out comes the harmony arpeggios.

Oh, Batman, when did you get here and Bruce is gone?

Most surprising of all comes from the vocalist. The Ozzy inspired vocals are all the rage with modern day Sabbath descendants, but every so often, it's like David Banner gets angry and the Hulk is screaming.

Musically speaking, Khemmis is an interesting group who plays some technically superior doom metal that refuses to walk the well worn paths.

Release: 10/21/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: 20 Buck Spin

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