Monday, October 10, 2016

LP Review: "Remnants of Expansion" by Krypts

Remnants of Expansion
When I was younger, sadly to say, during a certain part of my career, it wasn't uncommon for my breaks to be a little bit longer than they were approved to be.

As an usher at the local hockey arena, perhaps going the long way around to the break room or to relieve the next person.

These trips were not intended to go off into will directions. Where I was going was clearly defined, perhaps though, taking awhile longer to arrive at my destination wasn't necessarily the worst thing the would that I could do right?

Certainly it wasn't anything that was anything relating to professionally responsible, but it's not like this was a career and it was my first job. Like most of my co-workers, I was living out a dual existence while performing that job. Hockey fan and Kiel Center Partners LP Employee.

You don't even need a Scandinavian Credit Card to enjoy this particular export of Finland.

Krypts are an interesting lot.

Rarely do they do anything quickly on this record. At first, they struck me as meandering, but that's not accurate.

They plod as they're just taking the time to arrive at their appointed meeting spot.

As they travel in sorrow, arguments are wont to spring up. Someone is angry and someone is sad. This dichotomy is what drives everything behind these songs.

When the group has traversed too slowly they being to speed up so they won't be late. When someone has had as much of the melancholy he can stomach, the rage springs forth.

A very large portion of Remnants of Expansion is wholly instrumental, but in a flashy, or even overly melodic way. Churning rhythms spring forth from guitars that sound like they are literally on fire.

Close your eyes, hitch up your pack, and follow the trail. It's going to take you awhile to arrive and keep up with the group.

Release: 10/28/16
Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Records

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