Friday, October 7, 2016

Double LP Review: "Ruinen" by Waldgefluster

It's been nearly ten years since that day.

In a single moment, the words became actions and the actions became consequences and the consequences became the greatest challenge of my adult life.

I had spent the last 13 years of my life building to that moment. Of course, it could have easily been avoided had signs been heeded, but that's another story all together.

As I watched the door close, my mind was awash in torment, despair, anger, and confusion. Would I have the strength to raise my fist to the sky in defiance or would I shrivel into a former shell of myself?

Find that moment in your life as you read this introduction. Can you recall that time when you stood upon the precipice of assured destruction and the greatest happiness of your life? That's what Ruinen is all about.

If you're wondering about how my torment ended up, with the help of my friends, my life grew into something it never was and better than I ever believed it could be.

We can all make it.

This brings us to Waldgefluster. These German fellows are singing in German, so I cannot unpack their lyrics, even should we try.

All that I can tell you is how this music makes me feel.

It has all the power these men can muster. The demonic choir screams into the night as if to say we all have value. We all have rights. We all deserve to end this. It's primal scream therapy.

But wait there's more!

This defiantly morose album contains soft and gentle passages peppered with melodic guitars, soft singing, and a sprinkle of overneath keyboards. Waldgefluster straddle a few styles.

Between the anger, the sadness, and the desire to be heard, this album delivers. The only complaint to be had is that is a touch too long. A few careful edits would have tightened this album up. It's very long form and there are places where it didn't need to be.

Still a great album to add to your vinyl collection to be pulled out in those moments of discouraged sullenness.

UPDATE: Waldgefluster contacted me and you can see their lyrics translated into English at This Location.

Release: 10/14/16
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Bindrune Recordings

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