Monday, October 31, 2016

EP Review: "Chassit" by Heavy Temple

Do you enjoy spicy foods?

These days, my food is not as spicy as it once was, but I'm returning to eating food that bites back.

It's just so metal.

Thinking back though... try to recall one of the first times you ever put a hot pepper into your mouth. That time I mistook a jalapeno for a peppercini has never left my memory.

Being in a world of pain at age ten over a single bite of food...well that's hard to forget.

Has the memory of that pain come flooding back to you? Did you think to yourself, well, this is the most painful food ever, but it tastes delicious! That's probably not what anybody said upon feeling the relief of the capsaicin's dispersal.

Heavy Temple
Somehow, between, presumably, Homo Habilis's first taste of the Thai Pepper and now, humanity has come to regard spicy food as something that's not terribly wrong and in fact, quite a delicacy.

Heavy Temple has that busted speaker, fuzz sound that's not very popular.

They have taken something that millions have deemed an annoyance and based their sound around it.

They've bitten into the chili pepper indeed!

The fuzz is so thick. The feedback is so surprising. This is the lowest of the lo-fi doom recordings. Doom metal shouldn't sound like a Metallica album. There has to be dirt in the grooves.

If you don't pay attention to the EP, it's easy to think it's wholly instrumental. The vocals are screams in the background.

The jazzy drums keep things interesting as the bass and the guitars growl and feed back, but don't let me make you think there's nothing here but a stoned out Electric Wizard track! (See, stoned out Electric Wizard, would be even more stoned than normal for them.)

The bass and the drums play the colors while the guitar is the canvas. The script is flipped.

Release: 11/19/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Tridroid Records
Formats: Tape/Digital (more to follow)

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