Thursday, October 13, 2016

EP Review: "The Rains" by Henry Jamison

Autumn is a time for relaxing with the windows open, finally able to turn off the air conditioning, and to enjoy a relaxing, often chilly evening.

If I was choosing something to listen to while taking that break it might be Henry Jamison's debut offering, The Rains, available everywhere tomorrow on Akira Records.

Jamison brings to mind the beat poets of Greenwich Village, a Bohemian voice with an almost meditative sound, yet modern and his own.

Displaying Jamison's wide vocal range, The Rains provides an almost ethereal background of gorgeous acoustic guitar, at times sleepy and haunting and at others bright and insightful. There are ghostly moments as in Dallas Love Field and the early strains of Real Peach that flow smoothly and effortlessly into thoughtful refrains.

A native of Burlington, Vermont, Jamison has music in his bloodline and his ability to reach the listener with real, everyday topics only serves to make the experience of The Rains that much more enjoyable.

I felt like I was driving down the road with one hand on the wheel and the other stuck out and riding the wind in waves.

There's a dreamlike quality to Jamison's voice that leaves you somewhere between straining at
the edge of your seat to hear the last drop of tune from it and being lifted up by the buoyancy of his guitar.

The season is fitting considering how comfortable the EP makes you feel. Don't miss the this release from Akira Records.

Release: Friday, October 14, 2016
Genre: Indie Rock, Folk
Label: Akira Records
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