Monday, October 3, 2016

LP Review: "Grand Noir" by Eschatos

Grand Noir
Oh you know what I'm going to say.

How many of my faithful friends and readers can remember the character of Louie on MTV's The State?

He was the guy who came in and said his catch phrase over and over again. As a young lad in my mid-teens, the joke flew over my head.

To me, it was just a funny guy saying a funny thing. Only much later did the joke get revealed to me. Louie was a response to the pressure MTV put on The State to have a quotable recurring character.

So they made the worst one they could think of. Frankly, that kind of thinking is just brilliant, but as Americans, our attention spans have been dwindling for decades. That's why terrible comedians like Larry The Cable Guy make millions. Short attention spans and catch phrases.

Probably not Eschatos
The real problem with creatively bankrupt characters like this is that this has rolled into other forms of artwork.

How many bands do you know that have one trick that they have done for forty years?

My desire, no need, to hear new music is fueled by wanting to hear something new. This is the big reason the avant garde  has caught my ear more often than not.

Eschatos has surprised me.

They're listed as a blackened death metal band and to me that says paint by numbers, but by the time I had finished the first track, their description had fled my short term memory.

They sounded like doom.

Then came the car crash. Then Grand Noir was off and running. They sure as hell were not going to look back. The car crash was a clear mark of delineation. This album is not going to go were we expect it. 

Eschatos is going to play the the music they hear in their heads. It may break the rules of melody, key, and harmony, but that will not stop them.

They are screaming to be heard. Do not miss out on this masterpiece.

Release: 10/7/16
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Label: Starwolf Records

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