Friday, September 30, 2016

LP Review: "Secret Kids" by Virgin of the Birds

Secret Kids
Today, barbecue pits were discussed. It's almost as if we need to participate like the others have...and besides...steak.

This automatically brings up the idea of all of the BBQ joints all over St. Louis. Many folks love them because they love the food.

But for me, though Sugarfire was amazing the couple times I've been there, it's just not my bag. Because of what grilling is.

It's an activity, not a meal choice.

Think of it like fishing. It's not about the fish you catch but the time spent in the company of others.

There's little in this world more satisfying than watching the raging inferno of a charcoal fire morph into the slow burn of fiery embers. All at once, it's two things.

From Seattle, WA
Secret Kids is kind of like all of that.

As it begins, there's stiff guitars and drums. The vocals are almost absent.

Let's get back to the stiffness of the playing. It has a sound that looks like me playing Dance Dance Revolution...kind of like Godzilla lumbering all over Tokyo, but with more mindfulness not to leave Sony HQ standing if you catch my meaning.

There are even songs completely lacking in percussion.

The music is a wide open expanse, but that expanse is wonderfully melodic.

But...then side two rolls around and things change.

The slightly nasal talk singing grows more melodic. The drums start playing a greater part in the songs. The guitars lose their stiffness and become fluid. Intersperse some dark solos and the slow burn has finally become a raging inferno.

Secret Kids is a lot like watching time lapse photography of a zygote growing into a human being and it'll keep the most ADD listeners staring at their speakers and staying up all night.

Release: 10/17/16
Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Toad Records

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