Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LP Review: "In The Beginning" by Spore Lord

In The Beginning
Lately life has been stifling.

Please allow me to lament a little bit about what's surrounding this humble music blog.

Aside from this, I'm a devoted husband, father, and a full time worker. This can make life a little bit daunting. My real job has gotten busier, which is great, and my life has gotten more and more squeezed.

Sometimes it's hard to find a record that deserves a review in min mind. That leads me to a scary conclusion.

I've been fearing burn out here. The best news is that we've got a couple more writers to help ease the pain I've been feeling. But when one is burning out, what's the best thing to do?

Spark up some psychedelic doom metal, am I right?

Spore Lord
Admittedly, In The Beginning is a little less psychedelic than advertised, but it's also entirely possible my mind created a minimum standard of LSD inspired tunage that doesn't really exist in 2016.

What this album does have, in spades, is chainsaw riffage with sharp melodic hooks

The songs explode.

It's almost as if someone walked into the room and said, who's got a riff?

And off the went into uncharted territory. The Sabbath inspired dedication to progressive tunes over fairly short spaces of time is well evident. Spore Lord sound like they've been playing together for 30 years. Once the riff is on, so is the band.

One more thing about In The Beginning...


Yes, this is an instrumental doom metal record. Fans of Karma To Burn, here's the heir apparent you had no idea you needed. What sets Spore Lord apart from the aforementioned masters of the approach is the willingness to move in and out of styles.

Spore Lord never has a destination in mind, because as always, the chase is better than the catch.

Release: 12/2/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: DIY

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  1. Now this is some doom metal I might be able to get into! Thanks, Nik!