Wednesday, September 14, 2016

LP Review: "Soul For Sale" by Sires

Soul For Sale
What makes a good first impression?

How do you introduce yourself to someone new for the very first time?

Is it your firm handshake or your perfectly coiffed pompadour? Maybe your chin is covered in a moss like beard of which General Tecumsah Sherman would envy.

Meeting a new band for the first time is rather similar to a first date or a job interview. Both parties are looking for something. The band and the listener are looking to form some sort of new relationship.

Glacially Musical is proud to consider the debut release of Waterloo, IA's Sires, Soul For Sale. My first impression of this band was from a bearded photo. As someone who cannot grow a beard, it caught my attention.

The Sires
Recently, a friend of mine was telling me about his love for Victrola's.

During that conversation, I learned quite a lot about outdated technology from the Gay 90's and the Turn of the Century.

What's fascinating about these devices is that they allowed people without electricity to enjoy music in their own homes.

These machines still work today.

What about music? Music can be outdated as well, but I think Led Zeppelin still works as well as it ever did.

Something truly outmoded is the term pop music. Pop music is now largely artificial and ugly, to me. Insert a computer program and a pretty voice, mix, master, and release over the course of a weekend. That's not art.

Earlier on in human history, pop music was played on instruments. Music was written. Guitars were played, yes guitars in pop songs. Even live drums could be added to these arcane recordings.

Sometimes these historical documents were made for dancing or tear jerking, but they were always meant to make the listener feel something.

Imagine if this Coelacanth could be found again. Music that's not overly aggressive or overly produced, played by human hands that makes humans want to tap their feet. Could the modern homo sapien even attempt to process this?

Sires hopes that humanity hasn't evolved so much that we cannot and I hope the same.

Release: 10/21/16
Genre: Indie Pop
Label: Station 1

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  1. Pop music is not a term we take kindly to in my house either, but I'm usually willing to give just about any new band at least one listen, thanks!