Friday, September 2, 2016

NEWS: New Column On Glacially Musical

In the Four Years in which we have been running Glacially Musical there have been changes.

In the beginning this site was a running commentary on the new music being personally discovered by me.

As time wore on, indie artists began submitting their albums for our ears. Then not long after that, we began receiving emails, packages, etc from PR Firms, Record Labels, and yes more indie bands.

Then interview opportunities arose and Glacially Musical began to interview artists of many different stripes. As the array of music grew, so did our commitment to this site.

It was about 15 months ago and I was lying in bed. Something had occurred to me. Because of this site and the work I did, purchasing music didn't happen very often for me anymore, so I was going to be like a solid 18% of the population and get back into vinyl.

As a child of the 80's, I kind of missed vinyl, but I had some strong memories of records and record players in my house when I was a small child.

I began beefing up my (very pitiful and accidental) vinyl collection starting that day. In that time, I have created fairly nice sized collection of music which really shows my diverse taste in music.

There have been some vinyl promos that we've received, but we didn't really consider them any differently than the digital or CD promos we've gotten over the years. It's ironic considering that more often than not a new vinyl sounds like a new album instead of one I've heard a thousand times. (Kiss ALIVE!, I'm looking at you.)

So, we're presenting Frozen Grooves Vinyl Reviews.

These reviews will be different than our standard. Instead of just the music, there will be more pictures of the product, unboxing videos when merited, extra promotion, and the reviews themselves will also focus on the vinyl quality sound and packaging.

These reviews will also be open to albums of any vintage rather than upcoming releases as we typically cover.

For submissions please email me at

Thank you!!

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  1. Looking forward to the new stuff, Nik, keep up the good work!