Wednesday, September 7, 2016

LP Review: "Welcome To Fat City" by Crobot

Welcome To Fat City
It's been a few years, but on a hot sweaty night, my introduction to Crobot was made.

Without realizing what was to come for me, the bassist and I had a very nice conversation as I was waiting to interview Rex Brown and cover the show.

Well, their show was the stuff of legend for a band that was the first one the bill.

Years later, describing their music to people who aren't familiar is still difficult.

There's a lot to like about our friends from Pottsville, PA. They're the hardest working band out there today. They tour constantly. It's a mystery how they even had time to write this album much less record it!

Crobot and Friend
As for what does Crobot mean?

No clue, but they do have their own hot sauce.

Welcome To Fat City is their second LP and third release in all, though their debut LP did include all of the songs from their debut EP.

When someone hears Crobot for the first time, the immediate reaction is what in the world is this?

Psychedelic? Yup.

Frenetic? Yup.

Varied? Yup.

When a band has those three attributes, hearing them can be hard because of how much is going on. Remember the scene from Amadeus? One only wants to hear so many notes in an evening. To me, their style is fun and gets me dancing.

Welcome To Fat City is a more mature effort than Something Supernatural because it's more focused. The energy is still there as are all of the parts that make them unique, but now all four guys are playing the same thing at the same time, making this a more cohesive record.

Their groove will never be denied, but by slimming down the package, they have written an LP of more powerful tunes.

Catch them in your city with whomever brought them. You'll be glad you did.

Release: 9/23/16
Genre: Psychedilia
Label: Wind-up Records

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  1. Good stuff, another show I probably would go to if I ever left the house at night for something other than a trip to the grocery store lol