Friday, September 16, 2016

LP Review: "Vexamen" by Verberis

Heavy metal has long been considered darker than most other forms of music.

There's something about the pounding drums and the a-melodic singing that has raised the hackles of the outsiders. Those of us inside the circle can feel the power these things provide.

But what happens when the music grows darker and the lights grow dim?

On on and on this race has gone.

Once upon a time metal was melodic and progressive. Iron Maiden were the standard bearers for many years.

It's not uncommon for death metal bands to claim fandom of horror movies which helps to explain their music, but how many of their songs actually feel like a slasher flick?


Deicide would never work on the soundtrack of Friday The 13th.

Verberis is different indeed.

They sound like pure horror. Not only would Vexamen work on the soundtrack of Friday The 13th, it damned near is Friday The 13th.

The drums sound of the feet chasing you. The guitars roll over the moors as the monster prepares to devour it's human prey.

The vocals are the deep screams of the chased and the chaser.

Imagine if there was no preamble to why the monster was hunting. That would be this record. There is no rhyme or reason to the villain, only he has to understand his motives.

Musically it's reckless. In points it feels like the band members are playing different pieces. This paints an unusual picture. All members of the band feature some top notch chops, but they are not precisely playing together. They are more of a chorus.

If music paints a picture in your mind, Vexamen will show you an entire movie, not just one still.

Release: 10/21/16
Genre: Atmospheric Death Metal
Label: Iron Bonehead

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