Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Album Review: "You're Doin' Great! (For the Record)" by Bong Mountain

This debut from Bong Mountain, the 4-man band out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has the clean and polished sounds of a third of fourth offering.

Almost two years in the making, You're Doing Great! (For the Record) defies genre definition, gifting us with the sounds of rock, alt-pop, and punk, sometimes all in the same song.

Comprised of crisp guitar riffs, speedy drum beats, crunchy vocals and a fun bass line that guides you but never overpowers.

 Bong Mountain presents a the kind of sound you hope to find whether driving around town, skateboarding through the park, or fishing off the pier. It's imminently listenable, sometimes fist-pumping rock & roll, others smooth and soothing, in only the way sweet reverb can be after a long day.

The combination of sounds gave off a Dead Kennedys meets the Fratelli's kind of feel. Angry but not violently so.

We all have problems like these, right? Doesn't mean they don't suck but they don't weigh us down so much we can't have a good time.

Bong Mountain keeps things interesting with a varied tempo throughout the playlist, driving things forward with the heavy percussion and guitar of Pariah Carey and Caroline then slowing things down while still maintaining their grunge-rock feel on Symbiosis Midwest.

You're Doing Great! (For the Record) is a very relatable album, regardless of whether the lyrics speak specifically to your life.

It generates a mood we've all been in. The entire offering has the familiar undertones of a record made in the garage but the garage is paneled in rich mahogany, greasy and sooty from the exhaust of that big, blue Buick you cruised the streets in back in the early '90s.

Release: September 23, 2016
Genre: Rock/Punk
Label: Stonewalled
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