Monday, September 19, 2016

EP Review: "Voces de la Tierra Dormida" by HEID

Voces de la Tierra Dormida
One thing that I don't really do is Folk Metal.

There have been a great many times that people have told me about this Finnish band or that Norwegian band and you're not metal if you can't get into folk metal.

Ok, that last bit may not be totally true.

For all of my consternation regarding checking boxes, it would seem that folk metal would be right up my alley, but hearing the other instruments tend to, well put me off.

Even black metal's keyboards tend to get me a bit edgy, but King Diamond using harpsichords...totally find.

This is a very strange way to be, but back to the point, Folk Metal has never really felt like metal to me, but some oddly updated folk music from back in the day...waaaay back in the day.

Upon first listen, there's not a whole lot of folkishness on this EP.

It starts off as hard charging black metal.

But when it's time for a rippin' guitar solo, out come the lutes and such.

There's never any question that this is metal. It's some very pure and angry black metal.

Where HEID succeeds is that they are able to seamlessly integrate both Robin's minstrels and raining down fiery metal. The drums are quite wonderfully tracked and mic'ed.

There's a definite Lord of the Rings feel to this album. It would not surprise me to see Middle Earthicans dancing to some of the melody lines, but there's also some sweet guitar solos in there to balance it out.

What makes this record fun to listen to is the fact that it's both medieval and metal simultaneously, a lot like when THE King Diamond busts out some sweet harpsichord.

Release: OUT NOW
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: DIY

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