Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Artist Playlist: Arriver Shows Us The Metal

Disclaimer: as an "All-Time Favorites” list, this necessarily focuses on things I’ve been listening to for years, rather than newer music that has jumped out at me so don’t assume I checked out in 2008.

Also, this list is tailored toward the Heavy-Rock-Metal crowd, and criminally neglects John Fahey, Doc Watson, Bert Jansch, Steeleye Span, Songs: Ohia, the first Dire Straits album and loads of other classics that aren’t quite so bellicose.

Bad Brains “The Messengers” Quickness

I'll take Quickness over I Against I. Dr. Know’s best record, also Bad Brain’s best sounding record. 

Carcass “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious

Earlier Carcass remains better art, but for listening pleasure I’ll take Necroticism. I never cared for Heartwork.

Mastodon “Oblivion” Crack the Skye

Denser, moodier, not as raw and rocking as their earlier stuff, but I really dig the dreaminess. Still wicked heavy.

Melvins “Anaconda“ Bullhead

Empirically, Bullhead is the Melvins best album. This track is a standout for me.

Meshuggah “Closed Eye Visual” Nothing

No one ever made a Rap-Metal song that came close to this. Pure enjoyment. “I” and Catch-33 remain my favorite records.

Metallica “Harvester of Sorrow“ …And Justice For All

The first Metallica LP I heard, so its the one I turn to the most. I like how cold it sounds, I like the long songs, Kirk’s best album, James’s best vocal album.

Obituary “Corrosive” The End Complete

These guys, and this album in particular play a big role in our sound. Heavy, driving, direct.

Sonic Youth  “Cross the Breeze" Daydream Nation

An essential record for all lovers of guitar rock, and this track has it all. I like the epic-ness.

Sonny Sharrock “Many Mansions” Ask the Ages

Pretty damn sludgey and loads of shredding so hopefully Metalheads will give this a proper listen. On a short list of all-time favorites for me.

Yes “Siberian Khatru” Close to the Edge

Arriver are big Yes fans, especially this period. Only 3 tracks on this album, and this is the most succinct at 9 minutes.

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