Thursday, January 12, 2017

LP Review: "The Tin Shed Two Piece" by The Two Percent

The Tin Shed Two Piece
It's time for a revelation so startling that all of my readers might go into sudden bouts of amnesia from which they may never recover.

It's fairly irresponsible of me to put this information out there, but the truth will set you free and possibly help you start a new life in Canada.

My life isn't all that glamorous.

This personal existence is so not all that glamorous that there are times when I have legitimate problems. My wife and I have spats. My kid doesn't always listen to our directions.

Sometimes there's not enough money in the check book at the end of the week. Often times, there are instances where my Amazon Prime orders don't arrive in two days like they're supposed to. (Note: There are also real problems in my life, but let's not get too personal ok?)

The Two Percent
When life gets me down, there is always something I can turn to, the Blues.

For some reason, listening to songs about bad things makes me feel so much better. It's kind of like when I'm angry, I listen to extreme metal.

Music makes it all better.

There's been this amazing blues explosion happening in the past, well several years here in the USA and in Europe.

It's just caught on as well death metal really...

We've all seen Delta Blues, Chicago Blues, English Blues, but I'm really digging Psychobilly Blues.

Here's another contender for the throne of this oft ignored art form.

The Two Percent are in fact a two piece, but you'll be hearing all sorts of bass guitar on this record.

It seems as though the bass lines are deeply inspired by the Trigun bump music. This would be the first time blues has reminded me of anime rather than anime reminding me of the Blues. Cowboy Bebop, I'm looking at you.

With only two members and about thirty minutes of music, this pair of northern gentlemen has the ability to traverse all make and manner of styles...all the way from 12 Bar Delta to Psychedelic Jimi Style.

The first track you hear off this record might not grab you, but keep listening because the next one is probably going to catch you by the scruff of the neck and you'll come down with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Psychobilly Blues
Formats: CD/Digital

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