Friday, January 27, 2017

LP Review: "Primordial Malignity" by Tomb Mold

Primordial Malignity
In the United States false adrenaline is big business.

There is a chain of Six Flags theme parks and hundreds of other theme parks around the United States.

Horror movies are everywhere, and we won't get into the pervasive creepiness of the American Horror Film know what I'm talking about.

Over the decades here, there's been a profound shift in the belief of the American Dream. We no longer  have the ability to raise a family on a factory job. We no longer have the time with our children we once did.

What does this do? It wears us down. So, we need to feel something. When we're feeling good though, there always seems to be something waiting around the corner or sneaking up on us from behind....

Tomb Mold
First and foremost, let's not be remiss in our duties as semi-serious-semi journalists in the field of modern music:

Welcome, Tomb Mold!

We are enjoying your debut record, Primordial Malignity.

It's unclear if Tomb Mold fall into some sort of newly named, hyper-specific sub-genre of extreme metal, but they definitely fit an existing a point.

There's a scene, that probably half of my readers are well familiar with, that feature a brittle production, rasping growls, and a hard driving rhythm. If this has a name, someone please inform me.

Tomb Mold, at least as a name, fits right into this. It's easy to conjure up a Colonial Era cemetery when listening to Primoridial Malignity. It's clearly visible in my mind, but instead of being the ghost, they're the fog that rolls over the ground.

They're music is a bit of an unknown and that's what the fog leaves us with, an unknown. They break convention as much as they embrace it. Finding serious grooving riffs among the graves.

This album succeeds on all fronts.

Release: 2/3/17
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Blood Harvest
Formats: LP/CD/Digital
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