Monday, January 23, 2017

LP Review: Self-Titled by Eufobia

The re-introduction.

What was that ad campaign from back in the day.... there's never a second chance to make a first impression?

Well, with my ex-wife's parents, I did, in fact, have to make up for my first impression. It was something that took years and years.

These days though, as my wife's parents seem to like me a little bit and their willful, intelligent, and artistic granddaughter, it's easy to see why.

What about bands?

What can a band do to reach new heights and make new friends? There's always the Ace in the Hole, should you have not played it..the self titled album. Our new Bulgarian friends have chosen to self-title their third album.

Metallica did it on their fifth record. Motley Crue (sans oomlauts) did it on their sixth (and best) album.

It may have been done enough for this to have become a convention, but let's move one.

Eufobia is a band that's rooted in thrash metal and death metal with a bit of King Diamond epicness tossed in. (Had I any idea what sort of metal he was, I'd have just said that...but I don't.) The mixture of styles is a lot like Neapolitan Ice Cream.

The vocals are tough on this record. Slightly death, slightly thrash, and a touch of rap metal, but not nu metal, the stuff that predated nu metal, like Pro-Pain or early Faith No More.

The cacophonies of anger ring proudly.

Fans of lead guitar are sure to love this record. Niki and Ivan shred at an expert level. (As my information doesn't dole out specific roles, we'll credit them both.) There were times King Diamond style shrieks came out of the guitars.


Eufobia has brilliant melodies, explosive anger, and variety for days.

Release: 10/31/16
Genre: Extreme Metal
Label: Wizard Ltd
Formats: Digital/CD

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