Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Interview: Scott and Nate of Junior Bruce

Junior Bruce
Junior Bruce has recently released their album, Endless Descent, on vinyl, CD, and digital.

Recently they took some time to chit chat and deal with my sill questions about nearly nothing.

GM: Stoner Metal is something that's overneath the underground or flirting around the edges. How did you first come across it?

SA: Two of my stoney cousins Chucky and Bobby introduced me to metal when I was just a little shit.

They would let me hang out with them while they smoked dirt weed joints and played Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden records. I suppose it was a natural progression from there.

NA: I usually like death'n'roll myself, but whatever we call it has a lot to do with the culmination of our influences. My previous projects, Asphalt and Vegan Butcher, we were always looking at getting heavier and more agro.

Scott and Tom's previous, Hope and Suicide, was super riffy. JB started out pretty trippy to be honest. ...maybe one day I'll release one of the secret early recordings...

I think over the years we found a good blend of rock'n'roll meets a battlefield from the Dark Ages.

GM: Aside from Cat Memes and rivers, where do you get your ideas for a song?

SA: Danzig Memes and swamplands.

NA: There was this one time at band camp...

GM: What comes first, riffs or words?

SA: Riffs

NA: Tom, then riffs, then more tom, more riffs, crushing drums, then lyrics.

GM: Did you notice the initials here could either be Jim Beam or J&B Scotch?

SA: or JillyBean Kush.

NA: I'm actually waiting for someone to book us a tour with Jim Breuer actually. The flyers would make themselves.

GM: Which of those would you rather drink? I'll take the scotch thank ya very much.

SA: I drank so much Jim Beam at one point that I can't smell it without dry heaving. I thought it would go away after ten years, but it hasn't, so I'll have the Scotch.

Two fingers and one ice cube.

NA: I've found a deepened sense of crankiness and overall irritation in sobriety over the last few  years.  Every now and again, I'll have some drinks, but all in all I'm just a stick in the mud.

Get off my lawn, you little fuckers! All kidding aside, I really  hate seeing what drugs and alcohol have done to so many of my friends along the way, and that has kept me sweatin' to the oldies and going to be early these days.

Not to say that you shouldn't invite me to your  next kegger...

GM: As you appear to THC enthusiasts, do you think legalized marijuana would ruin it or make it better for the users?

SA: I'm gonna smoke it either way, so...... Whatever.

NA: 1. This totally a Tom and Scott question.

2. See my previous response.

 3. I totally support legalization. The financial benefits are obvious, not to mention without the taboos of illegality we can start to prosecute the real drugs like what the fucking government and big pharma are feedings us (full epidemic) or heroin or maybe just how fucking destructive booze can be for some people.

It's sad that we aren't doing more to address the real problems in today's society: poverty, obesity, and the state of healthcare, and that's not to mention the environment.

God damn it, get off my lawn!

GM: What's the album in your library that would surprise the most folks? 

SA: How about this one?

NA: Radical Face Touch The Sky or maybe Bassnectar - Wildstyle.

GM: Kiss or Ghost?


NA: Hmm, Miracle or Mayo Whip...(flips coin)..GHOST!

GM: Zeppelin or The Who?

SA: Zeppelin Thanks!! Anytime bro.

NA: Got to get the led out, man. Zeppelin!!!

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