Monday, January 30, 2017

LP Review: "Slumbersong" by Sail

Have you noticed the speeches and stories about my cooking for myself and my family?

It's my one avocation that really helps out my family as my wife isn't much on the cooking side. That is is why it's particularly annoying that our daughter prefers her simple dishes to my complex ones.....but anyway.

The only dish that I have personally created is my Tater-Tachos and it's a pretty easy thing. Deep fry frozen tater tots in vegetable oil and then pour on nacho trimmings, cheese, jalapenos, etc.

Mostly, what I have done is taken recipes given to me by others or stolen from bigger chefs and added my particular spin to them. Like consider Philly Cheese Steaks. Put some provel cheese in lieu of the provolone. Baste the inside of the hoagie roll with garlic butter. Bake your cheese steaks to crispy up the joint and bam.

Just try that stuff. You'll be Iron Cook in no time.

No one would ever think twice about my having done that, but tell people that Jimmy Page is awesome and next thing you know there's old school blues fan boys up your yazoo telling you about Zeppelin's victimization of the world.

Sail is a lot like that.

Their debut record Slumbersong will remind most fans of sludgy metal of a certain larger band.

There's definitely a very apt comparison to make, but any reviewer would be negligent to leave it at that. Yes, Sludge metal, like most genres of music, has a formula, a standard, etc. Sail has taken what the Standard Bearer of the genre does and made like it was my mother's recipe for spaghetti.

Sail does everything I like in metal without doing precisely those things that I like in metal. Sure there are rippin' guitar solos, but they are different. Yes, there are progressive changes to the music, but that sound is missing.

Sail has taken the dreamy, sludgy approach to metal but they didn't leave it alone. By changing how the music is played, by varying the delivery, by even breaking the rules of music itself, they have charted a new course.

Anger, hope, sadness, and the will to survive...that's what this album is about.

Release: 3/3/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Hibernacula Records
Formats: CD/digital

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