Wednesday, January 4, 2017

LP Review: "Drude" by Drude

Living in St. Louis, we grow up under the shadow of Route 66. Of course, when I came of age, the interstate highway system was well into effect and the routes had gone the way of the dodo.

That doesn't stop all of the Route 66 this and Route 66 that. Along the Historic Route 66, those signs are everywhere. They've become so ubiquitous for me, that they're no longer on my radar.

Recently, the History Museum (Free to enter) in Forest Park (50% larger than Central Park) had an exhibit on the old Route 66.

It actually was a little bit depressing because the Route System was much better for travelling for someone like me. Flying is terrible and road trips are the way to go.

But, when driving I-55 to go to Chicago or I-70 to get to Indianapolis, all we see large signs, rest areas, and gas stations with Fast Food restaurants attached. There's no local color. We are arriving to our destination too quickly.

Drude is a sludge metal band from the very metal state of Ohio...

(Well...I mean... there's gotta be something metal there right?)

It only takes me five hours to get to to the border by car, but that's kind of the point here.

It takes Drude at least seven minutes to complete a musical thought.

The songs aren't fast. There are no parts featuring breakneck speed or over the top virtuosity. That 5150 sound is nowhere to be heard. It's a stripped down and meandering brand of progressive metal.

Musically, it's as if there's an easily distracted hive mind in control. Chunky chord patterns will yield to pointed riffing which yields to harmony solos as beautiful as the sunset.

The vocals have three settings: Mellow, Angry, ENRAGED which creates some nice layering and texture to the whole affair.

This is our first listen? If this is what they came up with the first time, we're all sure to be eager to hear their second helping...and third...

Release: 2/10/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: DIY
Formats: CD/Digital

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