Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Album Review: "The Navarat" by Monobrow

Personally, I am not interested in mind altering drugs, but when I see an album cover with psychedelic mushrooms on it, it immediately goes into my 'to listen' pile.  I assume it will be full of down-tuned, riff orientated heaviness, which will create the sonic equivalent of a drug induced trip without any of the legal or health ramifications.  It is possible to love stoner metal without actually being a stoner.

The new release from Canadian stoner metal band Monobrow delivers exactly as the album art advertises.

The long and winding track titles, such as "The First Vague Rumblings of Impending Revolution" seem to indicate this is intended as a concept album.   Indeed the band themselves note the album is meant to "evoke an opportunity for life versus the prospect of certain death in a battle between mystic and reality.  Planetary fate lies in the minds of The Nacarat." You can be forgiven if this explanation makes no sense.   

Brian Ahopelto, Paul Slater, Sam Beydoun of Monobrow

Further clues regarding the concept cannot be found in the lyrics, as the album is instrumental only.  Still, this is of no detriment, as with Monobrow the riff is king, and vocals would only serve as a distraction from their riffing mastery.

It is sufficient to only know there is a master plan behind every note and enjoy Monobrow's mind bending doom for what it is.  In this their fourth release, they have hit their stride, boldly pushing forward sounds originated by Black Sabbath and carrying them into an exciting new frontier.  

Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Label:  Trill or Be Trilled Records

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