Monday, July 10, 2017

LP Review: "Herodias" by The Lunar Year

Thank you for reading this.

Over the years, my personal style for writing reviews has grown and changed. In the beginning, professional sounding reviews was the goal.

Later each review became an attempt to write to you how the music sounds, so that you'd be able to hear the music in your head.

It's important to have your own personal style and live the life you want to create for yourself. Mike D (and Willie Shakespeare) put it best, be true to yourself and you will never fall.

 So, hopefully you're coming to this little corner of the world wide webiverse using Hyperglobalcompumeganet to speed up your Captain Janeway experience knowing that what you'll see here, you won't see anywhere else. In our little bubble of positivity, we do it the way that makes the most sense to us.

Katie Burke of The Lunar Year
I honestly don't know what other people want to read in music reviews. Frankly, I don't know what I want to read in them either.

But, in the end, why be normal?

The Lunar Year seems to understand this concept. They were introduced to me as a Folk Rock Band.

Really, that seems like a contradiction in terms. It'd be as strange as a split LP featuring bands from India and Pakistan.

Honestly, there's very little folk happening here, at least to my ear. There is a lot of female singer/songwriter type stuff going on, which is kind of folky I s'pose.

But that's not all! Wait there's more! I ran out of cliches!!!

There's a full band here, not simply a voice and a guitar, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I prefer band sounds. Never underestimate the power of a crunchy guitar, even if it's down low in the mix.

Add in hard rock crescendos featuring flowing, and slightly dissonant, guitar solos and there's clearly something rocking behind that piano and the smokey voice.

The Lunar Year is a new kind of band that's more than just X + Y. Modern Day Folkies aren't really in my purview, so just take this metalhead's words as they are.

Unique, powerful, and a bit odd.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Folk Rock
Label: DIY

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