Friday, July 21, 2017

LP Review: "The Desert Winter" by Canyon of the Skull

The Desert Winter
Before we get started, it's necessary to immortalize my internal debate at present.

Perception, does not determine your reality. Perception only can determine your delusion. When presented with fact, one will either accept said facts, or scream fake news.

Acceptance or denial of facts will then determine if you're living in reality or delusion.

This philosophy has been debated for millennia and it's doubtful that we've settled it just now, but what if what you're perceiving is neither factual nor delusional?

What if it's something rarely seen? Perhaps you've noticed my reviews are now entitled with LP, EP, MLP, DLP, TLP, etc? The hope is that you'll understand what you're reading about in terms of length.

Well, this is not an EP and it's not a single, so it's definitely an LP.

Canyon of the Skull
The system used at Glacially Musical when it comes to EP vs LP is the Reign In Blood scale. That's the shortest any LP is allowed to be, one second less, and it's an EP.

It's a digital line of demarcation, like offside in hockey.

The Desert Winter is nearly 11 minutes longer than Reign In Blood, but it's got 9 less songs.

The question isn't EP versus LP, but is this a single or an LP?

The next question is how do we refer to them? A duo or a group?

It's all so very confusing, so let's get into the realm of fact and talk about my opinions about this record.

This is some serious doom metal of the instrumental genus. Unlike geniuses such as John 5 or Steve Vai, Canyon of the Skull plays a simpler style of music. There's no sweep picking, vocally infused melodies, or virutoso playing.

That's fine. They tell their stories..well story, with different words. The music is simple and powerful.

There are three main situations that ran through my head for this record:

1. If you're playing an RPG with a terrible soundtrack.

2. When you're reading and need some dulcet tones.

3. If you're know what that means right?

Release: 8/19/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: DIY
Formats: CD/Digital

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