Friday, July 7, 2017

LP Review: "Salt and Rot" by God Root

Salt and Rot
One of the best gifts that nature has ever bestowed upon humanity is friendship.

The ship of friends that takes us places. It's definitely a very special part of the human condition that Lt. Cmdr. Data is currently working on...wait...he was blown up.

Then there's the best friend. The person in your life that even if you haven't spoken in years, that you can sit down with and pick up where you left off.

Being lucky, my best friend returned to St. Louis, but we had that relationship for the eight years he was out of town.

It's hard to even conceive of life with out my friends, both real and internet...possibly imaginary. The love and comfort received has kept this little guy going all these years.

God Root
Then...what about your friend who makes you feel just a little bit uncomfortable all the time.

You know the one.

When you were a kid, or maybe even now, there's that friend who you never really know what they're going to do.

Once my chum tossed a bottle of nail polish through a window... yeah...

Well, new friends God Root definitely fall into one of those categories.

Their sophomore release, Salt and Rot, being released digitally by Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and on LE CDs from the band, is a four track behemoth.

Seeing only four tracks, a small prayer went through my head in the hopes this was not an EP (see title). Noise, feedback, long ringing chords, and pained screams. That's a large swath of the ingredients right there.

Precise musicianship is also biggie here. Even though the music itself is, a bit schismatic, it takes a great ability to actually play them as well as these songs are performed. There's a section where the tempo increases ever so slightly over the course of the song that gave me chills.

God Root isn't the average doom metal band. That's why it's imperative they be heard. You'll never know what they will do next and that's why this will be so fulfilling.

Release: 7/77/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: DIY (CD)/Horror Pain Gore Death (digital)

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