Monday, July 17, 2017

LP Review: "Drying the Eyes Of the Goddess Of Gloom Underneat the Stars And the Moon.." by Gloom Balloon

Drying the Eyes Of the Goddess Of Gloom Underneat the Stars And the Moon..
I'm just going to say it.

The entire title is underneath the cover art because it's funny.

In the past few weeks, sleep has been eluding me.

Part of it is my ignorance on how to reset the stupid automatic thermostat to stop kicking back up and down.

It's fine in the winter because it heats up quickly, and when the AC changes, my house heats up quickly. Because of that, my late night music spins no longer contain such things like Coffin Dust or Morbid Slaughter. When sleep is elusive, every single possible care must be taken to capture it. 

One of those things is mellower tunes whilst winding down.

Gloom Balloon
This probably sets the record for the longest single title of a single album that has been reviewed by Glacially Musical.

It's so long, I'm unsure as to whether or not I typed it correctly. 

The title is so massive that it's not printed on the spine leading the unsuspecting reviewer to think this was a self-titled album...and having to edit his own title.

It's a bit unclear what to expect when popping this one in. True to current parameters, as this was a physical promo, the music is spun.

Press releases are not read because surprises are welcome.

It's a pretty sexy record to be honest with you. The little wah wah electronic riffs make  your hips shimmy a bit. The vocals made me think of Justin Timberlake doing it right with The Lonely Island.

Big songs, full of keys, guitars, and synths will pummel you into sexiness. It might also make you sad? This band is called Gloom Balloon, but after listening through this CD a few times, I'm not sad.

It's something that really works for when I need a bit of mellow yellow.

Release: 9/1/17
Genre: Pop
Label: Maximum Ames Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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