Thursday, April 21, 2016

Album Review: "Everything Is Dead" by Coffin Dust

Everything Is Dead
Upon my graduation from High School, I promptly moved back to St. Louis. From that time forward until the advent of social media, the number of times spent with high school friends could be counted on one hand.

During the infancy of social media, think days, at the First Annual Repeal of Prohibition Beer Festival at the Schlafly Bottleworks, and old friend ran into me.

From that point it was nearly like we had never lost anything. It was wonderful being able to pick up our friendship from where we left off and move forward into new adventures.

Sometimes bands you love do the same thing. Remember when the Beastie Boys took seven years off before coming back with To The 5 Boroughs? It wasn't like when they took a few years off between albums after that because there was just nothing at all from them.

Back to the graveyard, Coffin Dust
Well, hello, old friend.

Over two years ago, Coffin Dust wowed your friend and humble narrator with their stellar debut, This Cemetery, My Kingdom, but many moons have risen and set since hearing that beautifully wicked album.

As if resurrected by witches, the gentlemen from Philadelphia have returned from the graveyard soil once again.

Their sophomore release suffers no jinx. They have most likely been magicked away.

Everything Is Dead is not only a worthy successor to it's predessor, but superior.

Before, Coffin Dust suffered from a bit of meandering songwriting, but on their current record, that's gone.

The songs are tight and ugly. The guitars sound like rotting flesh. The bass is pure dragon heart string. The drums are the beating of the trash cans. This album is pure metal recorded properly.

Aside from having defined their own sound and style, Coffin Dust writes riffs that forcibly bang your head. It would be impossible to listen to these tracks without a physical reaction.

Only check this out if you want to hear an excellent band maturing into something very special.

Release: 5/6/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unholy Anarchy Records

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