Monday, April 25, 2016

Album Review: "Crippling Lack Vol. 2" by David Thomas Broughton

Crippling Lack Vol 2
NOTE: Due to this triple album being release in three parts, on three labels, on three continents, each volume is being reviewed as a separate entity.

It was a very rainy day in St. Louis and I was driving home from the real world and back into my own world.

In reality, I'm as much of a writer as many of my good friends are musicians, we do it because of the love of it and not because we're being paid oodles of money. Incidentally, I make more money playing music than writing...which is really wrong.

But during that overlong rush hour commute from the outer suburbs back to my urban home, I looked around at what surrounded me.

Far from being the only driver on the highways that day, my car was the coffin that Patrick Swayze's Bodhi talked about in Point Break. My whole self at that moment was simply focused on getting home and fighting the traffic. How is that living? Thankfully....

David Broughton
I was listening to Crippling Lack Vol. 2.

Normally, my reviews are listened to just before they are to be written, but this is an album that needs to be gotten into more so than many others.

Vol 2 only has three songs, but it still clocks in at over thirty minutes.

The first song should be the single, as it's less than four minutes long, but it would be shocking for Broughton to take the easy way out on that.

The other two tracks combine to over thirty minutes. These songs are clear views into the mind of an artist. On a note I received, it said welcome to my commercial suicide. It's unfortunate that something with this much artistry and love could even be considered as such.

In terms of sound, this volume is more of the same as its predecessor and feels even more lost. Being lost isn't always a bad thing.

It would be difficult to consume this album without getting lost, but the journey is worth it.

Release: 5/2/16
Genre: Experimental Folk
Label: LeNoizeMaker Records

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