Monday, April 18, 2016

Album Review: "Black Heart" by Doomsday Ceremony

Black Heart
The worst thing about Standard Issue Death Metal is the fact that it's rather monotonous.

This is nothing new. Certainly no one feels right now that I have thrown shade on the genre and Pete "Commando" Sandoval is probably not reading this to know that comment is in direct relation to his drumming on the seminal, Covenant.

Even with the oft used line up of metal, there is a wider range of colors that are not used. This can create some bland sounding music, but that certainly does go for all genres of music.

The field is crowded and being heard is the key. Many an album crosses my desk that's good for a bit but grows weary before the beginning of side two. This goes double for the bands that confuse heavy and brutal for songwriting and melody. Yes, death metal can be melodic, beautiful, and varied.

What about the bass player?

Doomsday Ceremony
Let's begin at the obvious starting point.

In this reviewer's opinion, death metal has two daddies; Motorhead and Metallica.

Those two bands have something in common from those formative years of their extreme metal offspring:

Neither had a proper rhythm section.

This idea trickled down and many death metal bands are the same way. The bass guitar thickens up the sound, but does not lock into the drums. It's kind of like William Murderface Murderface Murderface and that's how bass players tend to be seen..ya know?

Doomsday Ceremony writes songs that include the bass locked into the drums and an ocean of variety. The whole time toeing the line between varied and unfocused. The melodic guitars combined beautifully with the demonic growls.

Then the blistering shreds never seem out of place. Doomsday Ceremony can be as metal as they want to be while being as melodic as anyone in their and many other genres. This makes them a joy to listen to.

Release: 4/22/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Greyhaze Records

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