Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Album Review: "Forced Back To Life" by Live Burial

Forced Back To LIfe
The most metal thing about me is the my appreciation of the routine.

Most aspects in my life are strictly based on routine. The unexpected is often looked at with disdain. Plans changing is something that can cause some strange trauma, especially if it's a big change.

That's what's nice about genres of music.

There are rules. There are boxes to check. Time tested conventions are used. Even considering all of this, surprises are nice.

When someone reaches outside of the well worn cliches, it's lauded, well as long as it works of course. This is a time in my life when surprises are more than welcome, they are old friends.

Live Burial
Live Burial starts off hugging the death metal tree of convention.

The drums, though a bit strange sounding, power through like a woodchipper, and are just about as resonant.

The vocals are very much descended from Carcass and Obituary.

The guitars have the death sound.

Upon first glance, Forced Back To Life is another face in the crowded modern death metal field.

It would be impossible to not fall in love with these guitar solos. For a fan of the shred like myself, they were enough to keep this disc spinning.

Then things began to change, but very subtle that they were. Instead of setting the metronome to 300bpm and going at it, the temps would go up and down, time signatures varied, and the band meshed into a cohesive unit.

Even the bass player got to add in some solos.

It's almost an insult to think of them as death metal. Not just do they use amazing riffs, dynamic changes, but they also take away from other metal subgenres. The growls morph into howls of pain, the drums move from straight death into sludge rock, and the guitars, well they just stay awesome all the way through.

Live Burial is a band that's capable of painting with several colors and many brushes. This is a band that's got it all and as this is the full length debut, it's safe to expect even greater things from them as time goes on.

Release: 4/18/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dunkelheit Productions

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