Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Album Review: "Wormz" by Death Lullaby

Currently before falling asleep, I'm reading a book about the Gay 90's and Turn of the Century New Orleans. It was a Christmas Present, and it's one of the most fascinating tomes I have ever read.

Every night, it's just one more chapter and I'll go to sleep. Sadly, this book is going to end soon and then it's off to another place and time. It's just not long enough.

A big part of the story is a cast of characters, the creation of "Storyville," and jazz. There have been a great many pages dedicated to the story of jazz and Buddy Bolden's rise and fall.

One of the things this book is teaching me is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Jazz was considered to be evil and an affront to social mores, the patriarchy, and white supremacy. Respectable people would try to shelter their children from the's interesting because it seems like we have heard this in the recent past.

Death Lullaby
From the Great White North, Montreal, PQ's own Death Lullaby.

This band is in constant motion.

It would seem that the quintet would be shaking mightily if not presently playing an instrument.

Of course, it feels like they're shaking on record as well!

This band has disavowed genre defining convention when creating music.

The riffs are syncopated, heavy, symbiotic, and incomplete.

The incompleteness is a deliberate usage of dynamics in order to create a sense of imbalance. A century ago, Death Lullabye would have been playing jazz. Their method, their style, and the music all screams of changing it up as they go.

It's wonderful.

Death Lullabye are scary, brutal, and a group of amazing writers. On a technical level this album is a ten, but....

The only black mark on this record is that Death Lullabye need more of their own sound. I don't mean style, as they have style in spades, but the sound of the band needs some tweaking.

The greats have their own timbre, and if Death Lullaby is to join them, they need to stick out a little bit more over the pasture.

Release: 4/15/16
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Famined Records

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