Friday, April 8, 2016

Album Review: "Bless The Earth With Fire" by Allfather

Bless the Earth With Fire
Guitar players in this day and age are buying instruments with fake aging. Many of them are even fake aging, or relicing, the instruments themselves.

This is done because everybody knows that a guitar that's been through hell and back is a world class instrument both in feel and sound.

Why else would Rory Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Ace Frehley play a guitar that's missing half its original paint job or more?

The same is true fos us civilians and our day to day items. For your regular joes, like myself, a t-shirt, a pair of Levis, or the Chuck Taylor All Stars that I just can't seem to throw out are the same as Steve Ray's #1, Gallagher's Fender Strat, and Frehley's Budokan Les Paul. It's something in our lives that we use everyday.

Allfather being mysterious.
Those holy grail guitars....they have a sound, broken in, and intense.

What if a band could pull of that kind of a sound?

If on record they sounded weary, road tested, and battle worn, could that turn on a new generation of listeners?

It caught this reviewer's attention.

Every instrument, including the vocals, had the holy grail sound to my ears.

Every note was painful and anguished. The grooves are worn into my ears. So rarely can a band sound this great. Between tar filled, molasses riffs being played at light speed, by doom metal standards anyway, and hyper gallops to the thundering Sabbath inspired stomps, Allfather delivers.

With nary a wasted note or any filler on this record. It'll blast out your speakers with reckless abandon.

Feedbacking, free from guitar solos assail the listener coupled with some of the best full band riffing behind them. Get ready to wear this record out.

Release: 4/29/16
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Static Tension Recordings

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