Friday, April 15, 2016

Album Review: "II" by Tombstoned

A number of years ago, in what's become a former life.

My friends would love to go slogging through the woods in combats boots. Naturally they insisted that I come along, and certainly that happened.

We were certainly a mystical bunch and we were out looking for the Gates to Hell, the meaning of Light My Fire, or a place to indulge in private.

Regardless of the activity pursued, there was a common theme: being lost. Never once did we precisely know where we were or what was actually around us.

Being confident in ourselves, our lack of direction wasn't worrisome, but emboldening. Of course in 2016 this is much harder to do as we all have every map of the world on our phone, but those days in the woods, along the back alleys, and everywhere else....still resonate and we're all still looking for that feeling of being lost.

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Tombstoned have arrived.

Stoner metal through and through, so they'll tell you. The Sabbath and Electric Wizard influences shine brightly.

There are no growled or gritty vocals here, but slightly off kilter doom metal vocals.

They're a touch left of center presumably because of the Finnish accent, but they also lack the forcefulness of many of their contemporaries.

A softer touch. The guitars feature long flowing notes, along with some nice crunchy riffs that lock in tightly with the drums, but there's one more thing there.

Along with the standard setup, the Hammond Organ makes its presence known. Being a sucker for that sound, I was happy. Phased guitars, swirling organ, and soft vocals all add up to an album to get lost in.

Music used to have that feeling. Spin this album, and just float away on a cloud because you may never want to be found again.

Release: 4/22/16
Genre: Stoner Metal
Label: Svart Records

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